Deepak Unni, MSc

Software Developer

Deepak Unni Deepak Unni

Role within GHGA: Team member

Institution: European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Workstream: Metadata, Architecture

Location: Heidelberg

About Me

I am a Bioinformatician by training and a Software Developer by experience. I am passionate about working at the interface of Bioinformatics and Data Science to support translational informatics. I am keen about knowledge representation and semantics, and using principles from semantic web technologies to build intelligent systems that can realize the dream of precision medicine.

Within the GHGA consortium, I will be part of the technical team coordinating the development of the frontend and backend of GHGA. I will also be involved in addressing (meta)data challenges in GHGA, and collaborate with other stakeholders to support existing and new data types and modalities in GHGA.

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