GHGA in the City

As part of the DKFZ “Science in the City” GHGA held an interactive exhibition around FAIR data sharing in genomics in a store front in Heidelberg.

1st GHGA Annual Meeting

One year after being funded, GHGA celebrated its first anniversary with a bunch of new firsts. The first GHGA Annual Meeting took place in a hybrid format from 26-28th of October.

GHGA wins poster prize at the E:med 2021 Meeting

We presented GHGA, its goals and plans for the future with a flash talk and poster during the virtual E:med 2021 Meeting.

GHGA at the Lifetime Conference 2.0

GHGA celebrated a First in June: The outreach team manned GHGA's first - virtual - booth at a conference. Following a promotional shout-out during Oliver Stegle’s talk, the breakout room at the LifeTime 2.0 conference saw quite a few visitors on the second day.

GHGA held a metadata workshop

Hosted by Susanne Motameny and Koray Kirli, invited external guest speakers and specialists from within GHGA presented different aspects around the usage of metadata and ontologies.

Data Use Ontology - DUO Workshop

GHGA members interested in metadata and ontologies attended the DUO workshop held by The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH).