Helpful databases and platforms

The European Genome-Phenome Archive EGA - is the current European database for ​​archiving and distribution of personally identifiable genetic and phenotypic data in Europe

Galaxy is an open source, web-based platform for running bioinformatics analyses and workflows interactively.

Open Science & FAIR Principles

GHGA aims to make data findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. The details of these FAIR principles can be found on ​​

Bioinformatics Workflows

Snakemake & Nextflow are two of the most popular tools for reproducibly implementing bioinformatics workflows. 

A tutorial on how to implement workflows with snakemake can be found hereComplementary slides to the tutorial are also available.

A carpentries-style tutorial on Nextflow can be found here. The bioinformatics workbook also covers workflows implemented with Nextflow.

nf-core provides a collection of curated bioinformatics analysis pipelines based on Nextflow.

Bytesize is a video tutorial series published by nf-core that covers workflow implementation and nf-core workflows in short and easy to follow snippets.