Dr. Anna Benet-Pages

Research Manager and Outreach Officer

Anna Benet-Pages Anna Benet-Pages

Role within GHGA: Team member

Institution: Helmholtz Zentrum Munich

Workstream: Outreach & Training

Location: Munich

About Me

I am a molecular biologist, a specialist in the field of genomics and clinical diagnostics, with many years of experience in interdisciplinary management of laboratory technology, bioinformatics and scientific development in academic, clinical and private practice settings. I enjoy building and leading cross-functional teams through active teamwork to change and create new business strategies and processes.

I am a scientist committed to achieving internationally the use of best practices for genomic data analysis and data sharing strategies to maximize the value of genomic data and improve the diagnosis of genetic diseases. Within GHGA, I want to promote the education of scientists, patients and the general public about the importance of genetics in our lives and the advantages of how FAIR data can improve public health.