Upcoming GHGA Events

GHGA Lecture Series: Barbara Prainsack (virtual)

Barbara Prainsack from the University of Vienna, and King's College London will present "How can data-driven practices in biomedicine contribute to healthy societies? Empirical and healthy conceptual considerations". Register now!

Workshop: FAIR in (biological) practice

GHGA will hold its first training course, FAIR in (biological) practice, from 30.05-02.06.2022. This virtual hands-on workshop is co-organised together with EMBL Bio-IT and will teach the FAIR principles, what this means in practice and how they can be integrated into ...

CSAMA2022 - Bioconductor Summer School

CSAMA 2022 is a one week intensive summer school on Statistical Data Analysis for Genome-Scale Biology. The course is co-organized by Bioconductor and GHGA member Wolfgang Huber. GHGA is an academic supporter of the event.

GHGA Lecture Series: Annette Peters (virtual)

Annette Peters from the Helmholtz Munich and Ludwigs Maximilian University Munich will present "The German National Cohort - Overall study design and OMICS concept". Register now!

GHGA Lecture Series: Becca Wilson (virtual)

Becca Wilson from the Newcastle University will present "DataSHIELD: Secure Data Science Collaboration". Register now!

EuroBioC2022 - European Bioconductor Conference in Heidelberg

GHGA is co-organising EuroBioC2022. EuroBioC is the European Conference for Bioconductor, an open-source community and a non-profit organization that develops some of the most widely used data analysis tools in bioinformatics.

GHGA Lecture Series: William Rayner (virtual)

William Rayner from the Helmholtz Munich will present "Genomic federated data analyses". Register now!

GHGA Annual Meeting 2022

Save the Date - we are pleased to announce that the next internal GHGA Annual Meeting will take place 10-11 October 2022, in Tübingen.

Partner Events

Towards creating an ELSA Curriculum for Data Scientist

A workshop organized within the framework of the BMBF-funded project “FAIR Data Spaces”, bringing together stakeholders with ethical, legal, societal and technical backgrounds, to identify the main concepts for the creation of an ELSA curriculum for Data Scientists.

ELIXIR All Hands 2022

The ELIXIR All Hands 2022 brings together members of the community from across the ELIXIR Nodes, and collaborators from partner organisations, in order to review ELIXIR’s achievements and activities so far and discuss plans for the future.

SCOG Workshop ‘Single Cell Genomics meets Data Science’

Save the date for this in-person workshop in Munich, organized by Single Cell Omics Germany, featuring a line-up of outstanding speakers. More information and a detailed program will be announced shortly.

Past GHGA Events

GHGA Lecture Series: Adrian Thorogood (virtual)

Adrian Thorogood from the Centre for Systems Biomedicine at the University of Luxembourg presented "Weaving Together Governance and Infrastructure in the EU 1+ Million Genomes Initiative".

GHGA Lecture Series: Paola Quattroni (virtual)

Paola Quattroni from Health Data Research UK presented "The Health Data Research Innovation Gateway: supporting trustworthy access to health data".

GHGA workshop at the annual meeting of the GfH

GHGA organised a workshop titled "Best-Practise Beispiele für eine gemeinsame Genom-Datennutzung" at the annual meeting of the German Society for Human Genetics.

GHGA Lecture Series: Christine Mundlos (virtual)

Christine Mundlos from ACHSE e.V. presented "We are only strong together - Chronic Rare Disease Alliance".

GHGA at Science in the City, Heidelberg

As part of the Science in the City, there was a one day interactive exhibit about GHGA and surrounding topics in a former store front in the old town of Heidelberg.

GHGA Lecture Series: Joachim Schultze (virtual)

Joachim Schulze from the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases presented "Swarm Learning, from research to medical use of genomic data".