The German Human Genome-Phenome Archive


We are building a secure national omics data infrastructure, enabling the use of human genome data for research purposes while preventing data misuse.

Our Mission



Omics data have the potential to revolutionise health care. Here we show how GHGA is an integral part of this process.

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Data protection

GHGA has developed a robust and appropriate legal and data protection structure.

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GHGA Lecture Series

Dive with us into the world of data-driven medicine and its ethical, legal and social implications. 

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Join our new NGS Pipeline Benchmarking efforts

Benchmarking small pathogenic and structural variants can be challenging. Utilizing cutting-edge SeraSeq, GHGA partners with the NGS-CN to start a new initiative to benchmark NGS pipelines.

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GHGA welcomes BIH as Co-applicant Institution

The Berlin Institute of Health at Charité (BIH) has now joined the GHGA Consortium as a new Co-applicant Institution. Together with MDC and Charité, the BIH will develop a GHGA Data hub in Berlin.

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GHGA presents progress at NFDI Interim Report Symposium

As part of the NFDI Interim Report Symposium, GHGA presented progress and future plans for the project. The event, hosted by the DFG, provided insights into the results of the review round of the NFDI consortia.

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GHGA Newsletter

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nf-core Hackathon Local hub Event

18-20 March 2024

Join us for the nf-core hackathon in Heidelberg. GHGA is pleased to host the local hub event to connect the community and spending three days hacking all things nf-core.

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Webinar: FAIR biomedical data for FAIR portals

21 March 2024

Join us for a webinar on metadata - Why are metadata important for research and data analysis? Which genomic data portals are out there and what do we need from them? How do we make our research data FAIR?

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GHGA Lecture Series: Alexander Sczyrba (virtual)

17 April 2024

Alexander Sczyrba from the University Bielefeld will talk about „"The de.NBI Cloud - Computing for Life Sciences". Register now!

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How we work

GHGA is tightly embedded and connected to national and international infrastructures and initiatives. It will be operated as a German national node of the federated European Genome-Phenome Archive (EGA).

GHGA is funded as part of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI e.V.) via the DFG

With 46 Participants from 21 institutions, GHGA is organised in data hubs across Germany combining leading institutions in genomic medicine, major omics data producers (including four DFG Sequencing Centers) and HPC centers committed to provide scalable infrastructure.

To ensure smooth working, eight workstreams were formed.

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