How we work

GHGA is part of the German National Research Data Infrastructure (Nationale Forschungsdateninfrastruktur, NFDI e.V.). The NFDI initiative aims to establish and operate a research data infrastructure in Germany across disciplines. GHGA is funded via the DFG under the umbrella of the NFDI. 


Decision making bodies in GHGA. The consortium is coordinated by the GHGA Board of Directors. In order to make informed decisions, the BoD consults with several internal and external bodies.

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How we keep data safe

GHGA takes a multilayered approach to data security, building advanced infrastructure and a ethics-legal framework for GDPR-compliant data processing, as well as enabling controlled, yet FAIR data access.

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Patient Engagment

We are committed to addressing patients’ needs and expectations, so we can actively and sustainably work together.

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Data Hubs

The GHGA infrastructure is serviced by a federated network of seven data hubs. These are connected to local centers that are major producers of genomic data which will be integrated into GHGA.

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To ensure smooth organisation, developement and maintenance, GHGA is structured into eight workstreams adressing different aspects and functionalities.

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Connecting national and international efforts


GHGA is the German node of the GDI (Genome Data Infrastructure) intitative, which aims to advance data-driven biomedical research and personalised medicine for the benefit of European citizens and to support the European 1+ Million Genomes

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GHGA is part of the federated EGA, thereby enabling data sharing beyond national borders.

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