GHGA Brochure
"The German resource for efficient genome research."

Provides insights into how sharing human omics data can revolutionise research and health care.


GHGA Factsheet 
"GHGA Metadata Catalog"

A public portal for the discovery of human omics study data from German research institutions

GHGA Factsheet 

Harmonising the way human omics data is described in different settings ­with the GHGA Metadata Mode

GHGA Factsheet 

Standardised, comparable, and reproducible omics workflows for the research community

GHGA Factsheet 
"How we keep data save"

GHGA's multi-layered approach to protect sensitive human omics data


­­GHGA Factsheet

Tools to help clinicians, researchers and institutions wanting to submit omics data to GHGA

GHGA Factsheet 
"Outreach & Training"

Engaging with research and clinical communities via outreach and training activities