Data Protection

Alongside our technical infrastructure, GHGA has developed a robust and appropriate legal and data protection structure. This has required the creation of a number of documents to define how data is to be processed safely. The key documents for people interested in submitting data to GHGA are presented here.

GHGA Data Protection Framework

The Data Protection Framework provides an overall description of the data protection approach of GHGA. It also serves as a baseline for data protection for the institutions involved in operating GHGA. This framework is a living document which will evolve as our service changes.

GHGA Data Processing Contract

A Data Processing Contract is agreed between GHGA Central and institutions that submit data. It sets out how GHGA may process the data, and what the Data Submitters’ responsibilities are. It has been designed to conform with Art. 28 GDPR.

GHGA Metadata Processing Contract

Before the launch of GHGA Archive, institutions can choose to submit non-personal Metadata for inclusion in the GHGA Metadata Catalog. A Metadata Processing Contract is used for this purpose.