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Workshop: FAIR in (biological) practice

GHGA will hold its first training course, FAIR in (biological) practice, from 30.05-02.06.2022. This virtual hands-on workshop is co-organised together with EMBL Bio-IT and will teach the FAIR principles, what this means in practice and how they can be integrated into ...

GHGA Lecture Series: Barbara Prainsack (virtual)

Barbara Prainsack from the University of Vienna, and King's College London presented "How can data-driven practices in biomedicine contribute to healthy societies? Empirical and healthy conceptual considerations" (recording available).

GHGA Lecture Series: Adrian Thorogood (virtual)

Adrian Thorogood from the Centre for Systems Biomedicine at the University of Luxembourg presented "Weaving Together Governance and Infrastructure in the EU 1+ Million Genomes Initiative" (recording available).

GHGA Lecture Series: Paola Quattroni (virtual)

Paola Quattroni from Health Data Research UK presented "The Health Data Research Innovation Gateway: supporting trustworthy access to health data" (recording available).

GHGA workshop at the annual meeting of the GfH

GHGA organised a workshop titled "Best-Practise Beispiele für eine gemeinsame Genom-Datennutzung" at the annual meeting of the German Society for Human Genetics.

GHGA Lecture Series: Christine Mundlos (virtual)

Christine Mundlos from ACHSE e.V. presented "We are only strong together - Chronic Rare Disease Alliance".