To share or not to share: genetic data in research

Explore Precision Medicine: Unveiling the Future of Personalized Healthcare!

Join us for an illuminating event presented by e:med, the network for systems medicine. Nestled in the heart of Berlin at the Futurium, this event offers a window into personalized medicine.

While designed with high school students in mind, this event warmly welcomes all individuals intrigued by genetics and personalized healthcare. Engaging talks, interactive workshops, and a captivating exhibition will delve into key questions: How do our genetic makeup, surroundings, and lifestyle intertwine, and how can we harness this knowledge? Uncover the secrets of Big Data collection and analysis, and its potential in revolutionise patient care. Explore Precision Medicine!

In the GHGA workshop, we discuss how we can handle genetic data and balance the sensitivity of the patient data with their potential for research. We will explore what information is contained in genetic data, what rights individuals have and how genetic data can be used for research.