Dr. Drew Behrens


Drew Behrens Drew Behrens

Role within GHGA: Team member

Institution: Technical University of Munich

Workstream: Workflows

Location: Munich

About Me

I was born and raised in South Africa where I studied biotechnology and genetics. Dealing with biological big-data forced me, gratefully, into the world of computational biology and bioinformatics. I honed these skills when I moved to the MPI for Biochemistry in Munich for a PhD focussed on translation in eukaryotic cells. Here, I developed a new method and a package for the global analysis of tRNA expression and modification, and used a neural network to uncover some of the regulation of tRNA genes in differentiating human cells.

My aim at the GHGA is to continue to utilise this knowledge, combining data and biology, to bring the community better, more accessible, and standardised pipelines for deep sequencing analysis.

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