Dr. med Kira Kornienko

Urologist, Clinician Scientist and Project Manager

Kira Kornienko Kira Kornienko

Role within GHGA: Team member

Institution: Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Charité

Workstream: Outreach & Training

Location: Heidelberg

About Me

Urologist and Scientist by heart:

I am a medical doctor at the Department of Urology with the main focus on urooncology. As I started my clinician scientist fellowship I gained major skills in the wet lab in single nuclei isolation of solid tumours and single cell (RNA and ATACseq) library preparation. I also gained knowledge myself in computational biology in analysing sc multiome data. 

Beside my own project I am a project manager in a collaboration project of DNA-med (former Hauptstadturologie) where our aim is to develop an algorithm to facilitate treatment decisions based on the analysis of the detailed clonal constitution of the tumour including druggable pathways and the predicted next molecular trajectory events in prostate cancer.

I am very excited to combine my expertise in a project like GHGA to help research unite clinics and research in a manner where patients and the deeper knowledge of their tumour will be the highest priority. Therefore we need an excellent force to accomplish our goals to open up major avenues to make science a network where we can learn from each other.