Simon Parker, MPhil

Data Protection Coordinator

Simon Parker Simon Parker

Role within GHGA: Team member, OC- Member

Institution: Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum

Workstream: Ethico-Legal Framework and Patient Participation, Data Hub Operations

Location: Heidelberg

About Me

I studied history (specialising on the Renaissance) and criminology at university but gained exposure to data work during my PhD studies in quantitative criminology. Initially I worked with sensitive social and economic data and supported research projects to use data safely. I then moved to Cancer Research UK where I oversaw the creation of infrastructure where patients' medical records could be stored and analysed.

The use of genomic data is an increasingly important part of medical research, and I'm excited to be using my experience of handling sensitive data in a new project. Within GHGA I will be working on developing the Data Management Plan and Standard Operating Procedures, and working with researchers when the Archive is operational.

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