GHGA at Science in the City, Heidelberg

February 4th, 12am - 6:30pm
Hauptstra├če 106 (am Theaterplatz), Heidelberg 

As part of the Science in the City, there was a one day interactive exhibit about GHGA and surrounding topics in a former store front in the old town of Heidelberg. On February 4th, people were invited to come into the store to learn all about GHGA and its role in genome research as well as meet some of the team members from GHGA and have a chat with them. An interactive displays and games to explore the importance of metadata or a catch a glimpse behind the curtains of scientific software, do your own coding, and discuss your opinions on and hopes for genome research.

Aside from GHGA, the German Cancer Research Center (dkfz) is hosting events in this space from February 1 - February 26. Check the event page for all details.