GHGA Lecture Series: Christine Mundlos (virtual)

Christine Mundlos from ACHSE e.V. presented "We are only strong together - Chronic Rare Disease Alliance" at the GHGA lecture series ("Advances in Data-Driven Biomedicine") on February 21, 2022.


After finishing medical school at the University of Mainz in 1989 Christine Mundlos first worked in cytogenetics (diagnostics) and later in molecular genetics (research). During this period (1989-1996) she spent several years living and working abroad in Australia and the USA. She moved to Berlin in 2000 with her family and was first involved in a project introducing the German DRGs (diagnosed related groups – a reimbursement system for in-patient care) by Lohmann & Birkner Health Care Consulting at the Charité. From 2005 to 2007 she completed the master's degree program on "Science Marketing and Science Communication" at the Technical University of Berlin. Since November 2008, she has been working for the Alliance for Chronic Rare Diseases Germany (ACHSE e.V.) Germany and represents the interests of patients with chronic rare diseases at the interface to medicine and research. She is the head of the ACHSE counselling service, and meanwhile the deputy managing director of ACHSE e.V..