Workshop: FAIR in (biological) practice

GHGA will hold its first training course, FAIR in (biological) practice from 30.05-02.06.2022. This virtual hands-on workshop is co-organised together with EMBL Bio-IT and will teach the FAIR principles, what this means in practice and how they can be integrated into the daily workflow of biomedical researchers. 

Over the course of 4 (half)days, the workshop provides a mix of lectures and hands-on lessons and is aimed at (wetlab) researchers in biomedical sciences (Phd students, postdocs, technicians). It will cover the basics of Open Science and FAIR practices, and looks at how to use these core principles in your own projects. Coding experience is not needed for this course.

Registration for the workshop is now open, please see

Registration Deadline: 23.05.2022. Registration for this course is free.

Draft Programme:

  • Day 1 
    1. Welcome
    2. Introduction to Open Science
    3. Being FAIR
    4. Intellectual Property, Licensing and Openness
  • Day 2
    1. Introduction to metadata
    2. Being precise
    3. (Meta) Data in Excel
    4. Files organisation
    5. Record keeping
  • Day 3 
    1. Reusable analysis
    2. Version control
  • Day 4
    1. Templates for consistency
    2. Public repositories
    3. Data Management
    4. Putting it all together