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Partner Events

6th de.NBI Cloud User Meeting

In the yearly user meeting, topic of interest to the community will be addressed. In a keynote, Oliver Kohlbacher will introduce GHGA as successful use case fo the de.NBI Cloud infrastructure.

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Webinar on Data Protection & Ethics in Research Data Management

This introduction to legal and ethical topics in research data management (RDM) will find answers to surrounding questions and delve into the basics of data protection and data ethics.

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Marsilius-Seminar: Risk management, Fairness and Transparency for AI

AI has sparked ethics debates, especially ChatGPT. This seminar delves into trust, responsibility, fairness, and transparency. How can we verify AI, reduce bias, and govern ethically in various contexts? An interdisciplinary event for students and more.

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Past GHGA Events


de.NBI & GHGA Workshop - DNA Methylation: Design to Discovery 2023

The workshop will address basic bioinformatics processing of DNA methylation data, with a focus on sequencing. It covers raw sequence preparation, quality control, and connecting results to public resources. The workshop is co-organized by GHGA.

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