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Partner Events

NGS-CN Webinar: Mirela Balan

In this NGS-CN Webinar, Dr. Mirela Balan (University Hospital Düsseldorf) will talk about ‘Heartache: a primer on spatial transcriptomics’.

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e:Med Online Seminar Series: Thomas Höfer

Thomas Höfer (DKFZ Heidelberg) will give a talk on ‘Pre-cancer somatic evolution as part of the seminar series ‚Modelling approaches for disease processes’ which aims to introduce, discuss and compare different mathematical modelling approaches.

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NGS-CN Webinar: Ana Conesa

In this NGS-CN Webinar, Dr. Ana Conesa (Spanish National Research Council) will talk about ‘Transcriptome complexity: new insights and new questions revealed by single-molecule sequencing’.

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CSAMA2024 - Statistical Data Analysis for Genome Scale Biology

CSAMA 2024 is a one week intensive course on Statistical Data Analysis for Genome-Scale Biology and teaches statistical and computational data analysis of multi-omics studies in biology and biomedicine.

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NGS-CN Webinar: Denny Popp

In this NGS-CN Webinar, Dr. Denny Popp (University of Leipzig Medical Center) will talk about ‘Long-read sequencing for clinical applications’.

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EuroBioC2024 - European Bioconductor Conference

EuroBioC is the European Conference for Bioconductor, an open-source community and a non-profit organization that develops some of the most widely used data analysis tools in bioinformatics.

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Past GHGA Events


de.NBI & GHGA Workshop - DNA Methylation: Design to Discovery 2023

The workshop will address basic bioinformatics processing of DNA methylation data, with a focus on sequencing. It covers raw sequence preparation, quality control, and connecting results to public resources. The workshop is co-organized by GHGA.

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