GHGA Training Webinar Series started

On the last day of June, GHGA proudly presented its first training webinar - on DNA, Sequencing and Workflows - as part of the GHGA outreach and training activities. The seminar was aimed at an audience interested in the topic of genomic research but with only limited knowledge or even no background in this field. It was divided into two parts and started with a Beginners Guide to DNA and Sequencing, which introduced the biology of DNA and RNA, the idea and benefits of genome sequencing, and its application in biomedical research. The second part shortly introduced GHGA and its infrastructure, and then focussed on the FAIR principles of data sharing, before moving on to explain the bioinformatic workflows that are being developed in GHGA to enable the research community to share genomic data. Especially highlighted were the workflows that are being developed in collaboration with the nf-core community.

The webinar was held by Nicholas Smith, one of our workflows experts at GHGA. It attracted over 150 participants, and was enriched by interesting questions from the audience - all in all a great success for the first iteration of this series. The GHGA Training Team is looking forward to future exciting episodes that are currently under development.

A recording of the webinar - in two parts- is available on our youtube channel.