Science Year 2022 - Participate!

Science is complex and can raise many questions. But who can you turn to and ask these questions? As part of the IdeenLauf - the central participatory event in the Science Year 2022 - Participate! - all citizens are invited to put their questions to science forward. The goal is to initiate a dialog between the public and science, and to identify future fields for research and research policy. 

Questions can be asked on any topic. As a consortium of the NFDI e.V., GHGA is particularly involved in the area of research data management. Research data can enable innovation, save human lives or benefit the environment. However, research data is also a very complex and, above all, a broad topic. What is data? How do you manage data? What is the best way to use data so that it can develop its full value? 

What other questions can you think of?

Click here to submit questions.  (Please note that, while the website is German, questions can be asked in English as well!)

Of course, as an archive for genomic data, we welcome all questions about genomics!

Questions submitted by April 15, 2022 will be included in the IdeenLauf. They will be discussed by representatives from the public as well as science, bundled and put into scientific context by supplementary texts. In the subsequent digital participation process, citizens can once again contribute to the discussion and comment on previous results. 

At the end of the exchange, there will be a results paper that will be handed over to politicians and researchers in autumn 2022 - as a repository of ideas and an impulse for research and research policy in Germany.

We would be delighted if you could enrich the campaign with your exciting questions - whether on the topic of research data or all other areas of science.