Solidarity with Ukraine

As a consortium, GHGA stands for open data sharing, and aims to foster a free and open scientific culture. A peaceful, self-determined, fair and cooperative exchange of knowledge across national borders is critical for science. An attack on the sovereignty of a free country also constitutes an attack on science.

We therefore condemn the Russian aggression on the Ukraine, which is contrary to international law. Our full solidarity goes to the Ukraine, its citizens and our scientific partners on the ground. 

We support the forceful reaction of the world community to the aggressive and illegal actions of the Russian government. At the same time, we recognize that a large proportion of Russian citizens and our Russian scientific colleagues do not support the actions of their government and are horrified by the current developments. Our solidarity goes out to them as well at this time.

GHGA supports the statement of The Alliance of Science Organisations.

The NFDI e.V. has started a collection of useful resources for scientists from the Ukraine here.