Strengthening European Ties

Visiting the Finnish federated EGA node, GHGA met with CSC members to establish further collaborations and to discuss similarities, differences, and common challenges.

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1st BioHackathon Germany with GHGA Contributions

Bringing together experts in bioinformatic infrastructures, the 1st BioHackathon Germany saw exciting projects come to life. GHGA was excited to be part of the event.

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NFDI ELSI Workshop with GHGA participation

ELSA Workshop "Anonymization and Data Trusteeship" in Berlin with participation of GHGA Director Prof Eva Winkler, who gave a presentation on 'Ethical Trust Concepts in Medicine and their Implications'.

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GHGA Annual Meeting held in Tübingen

Two years of GHGA, celebrated with two days full of discussions around achievements and the future direction of GHGA - bringing together the GHGA team and spokespersons for a hybrid event in Tübingen.

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GHGA Team Retreat

The last week in July, the GHGA Team gathered in Lobbach to spend three days full of strategic planning and team building activities.

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GHGA presents at the International Workshop on Science Gateways

The "14th International Workshop on Science Gateways” brought together researchers from different backgrounds to discuss problems and solutions in the fields related to science gateways.

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GHGA represented at ELIXIR Compute Platform Meeting

End of April, the GHGA development team participated in the "ELIXIR Compute Platform 2022 Face-to-Face Meeting" in Berlin and introduced the GHGA mission and architecture strategy to the Compute Platform members.

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Genomics beyond COVID-19 in Germany

The NGS community came together to highlight the role of sequencing in crisis and establish a clear picture for the future of sequencing across all areas of life science. 

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GHGA attends nf-core hackathon

With our goal in mind to create and implement best-practise workflows, GHGA team members attended the nf-core hackathon.

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GHGA Workshop at the GfH conference

GHGA participated at the GfH conference (German Society for Human Genetics) and organized a workshop titled “The German Human Genome-Phenome Archive (GHGA): Best practice examples for shared genome data usage”.

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Announcing the GHGA Lecture Series

We are excited to announce the GHGA Lecture Series- 'Advances in Data-Driven Biomedicine' starting on Monday, November 22. These virtual lectures will be held monthly, on Mondays from 16:00 to 17:00 (CET).

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1st GHGA Annual Meeting

One year after being funded, GHGA celebrated its first anniversary with a bunch of new firsts. The first GHGA Annual Meeting took place in a hybrid format from 26-28th of October.

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