Webinar: FAIR biomedical data for FAIR portals


How do we ensure FAIR Data Practices and how do we navigate data portals? These and many more questions on FAIR data and data portals, will be answered in our next GHGA Webinar.

In the first part, we will start with an exploration of the fundamentals of data and metadata, and delve into the concept of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data and why it is important. We also cover metadata models and how to make them.

The second part will then focus on data portals: What portals are out there? How to tell if they are FAIR? How do portals make data accessible? And why is there a need for a portal like GHGA?

The seminar will be given by GHGA metadata experts, Anandhi Iyappan and Karoline Mauer.

The event is in English and will be held on 26 September 2024, 16:00 CEST (available afterwards on demand). Attendance is free, but we ask for registration.