GHGA survey for community driven development

To further evaluate the needs of research groups generating human sequencing data with regards to storage, analysis and sharing of those data, GHGA launches a landscape survey.

GHGA and EMBL Bio-IT offered "FAIR in (biological) practice" course

Within GHGAs efforts to offer training for researchers in diverse topics, GHGA held its first practical course on FAIR research data management in June.

Release of version 0.7.0 of the GHGA Metadata Model

In April 2022 we released version 0.7.0 of the GHGA Metadata Model, which contains a refined metadata structure of the GHGA metadata schema.

GHGA represented at ELIXIR Compute Platform Meeting

End of April, the GHGA development team participated in the "ELIXIR Compute Platform 2022 Face-to-Face Meeting" in Berlin and introduced the GHGA mission and architecture strategy to the Compute Platform members.

Genomics beyond COVID-19 in Germany

The NGS community came together to highlight the role of sequencing in crisis and establish a clear picture for the future of sequencing across all areas of life science. 

Recurrent inversion polymorphisms in humans

Inversions in the human genome form more commonly than previously thought, impacting our understanding of genetic stability and diseases.

Clinical implementation of RNA sequencing in rare genetic disorders

A new study introduces a workflow with the clinical implementation of RNA sequencing in conjunction with DNA sequencing to diagnose patients with rare genetic disorders.

GHGA launches patient involvement efforts

Within a participatory study, GHGA will hold deliberative democratic forums exploring the patients’ perspectives and which concrete roles patients could take within GHGA governance.

GHGA attends nf-core hackathon

With our goal in mind to create and implement best-practise workflows, GHGA team members attended the nf-core hackathon.

GHGA Workshop at the GfH conference

GHGA participated at the GfH conference (German Society for Human Genetics) and organized a workshop titled “The German Human Genome-Phenome Archive (GHGA): Best practice examples for shared genome data usage”.

Science Year 2022 - Participate!

As part of the IdeenLauf all citizens are invited to put their questions to science forward. As a consortium of the NFDI e.V., GHGA is particularly involved in the area of research data management.

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