GHGA attends nf-core hackathon

The goal of the workflow workstream is to develop and implement best-practice next generation sequencing analysis workflows for use by the research community. To streamline workflows, the team is improving existing workflows (instead of creating a new process) and aligning ourselves with the nf-core community, curating best practice analytic pipelines.

As users and developers of Nextflow and the nf-core pipelines, GHGA workflow developers took part in the nf-core March 2022 hackathon. The focus on the hackathon was all things documentation, where the documentation for pipelines, DSL2 tool modules, training, and the website were all hacked in a global effort across three days. Additional events throughout the hackathon included presentations about soft skills for developers showing how to improve their documentation as well as light-hearted social games and activities.

While it might not seem as exciting as writing new tools and pipelines, thorough and well written documentation is a critical part of making nf-core pipelines sharable with the research community – a priority for GHGA. Many of the new and updated documents will be utilised by GHGA for training new users that are using GHGA for their data processing and storage.