GHGA in the City

Science in the City - that is the motto of the Pop Up Store in the Heidelberg Old Town sponsored by DKFZ.. For the month of February Cancer Research topics are presented and explained to the public in a former gallery. A large exhibit around HPV and cancer prevention is paired with temporary displays which change every day.

Each day, a different DKFZ group and research topic is presented, making the store worthwhile to visit more than once.

On the 4th of February, it was GHGA’s turn and we were excited to share our mission and goals with the world. On three posters the audience could learn about GHGA as well as  the importance of consent - a topic that is of great importance to our mission. The MASTER program highlighted the role of genome sequencing in cancer research. This practical example of genomics in precision medicine fascinated the visitors. 

To highlight the importance of accurate and consistent metadata definitions and thereby characterisation of data to successfully share data, we invited everyone to play a game of “Guess Who?”. But instead of faces we were looking for datasets. 

Manned by changing GHGA staff, visitors had the opportunity to talk to bioinformaticians, software developers and DKFZ group leaders such as Prof. Benedikt Bros. We want to thank everyone who came to the store or volunteered as a telefone-joker from one of the other GHGA data hubs.  

Overall, we had a very enjoyable day at Science in the City, with wonderful and very interested visitors. GHGA is already planning the next local hub event to spread the word some more.