GHGA portfolio development

Going into the new year with exciting news, we are pleased to announce that we have successfully concluded the first integration of the core services for GHGA Archive! As of January 2024, the GHGA Architecture team has deployed this next stage of GHGA for internal testing. 

GHGA 0.9 is our first release candidate. It provides the foundation for testing the core business logic and functionalities of our first public version of the GHGA Archive. This version only contains and processes non-personal synthetic data for testing and demonstration purposes. With this data, key functionalities such as submission of research and metadata, handling of data access requests and granting requesters access to data can be tested - to ensure functionality and security of these processes and to optimise user journeys.

Team members from all GHGA Data Hubs are currently engaged in testing the release candidate across all user journeys. GHGA data stewards are developing data handling processes to allow smooth operations once the GHGA Archive is online. The prototype is used to test the integration with production infrastructure as well as IT security audits. While testing, we will continue to add features like two-factor authentication to further improve the quality of GHGA services for our future users. Additionally documentation and SOPs are being developed and further improved as the pivotal foundation for the secure operation of GHGA Archive with actual human omics data.

We are looking forward to launching the GHGA Archive after this vigorous testing period!