GHGA Retreat 2023 - celebrating 1000 days of GHGA!

The GHGA Team and PIs retreated to the Black Forest to both celebrate achievements and plan the future roadmap for GHGA. Celebrations include the 1000ths day of the GHGA project on the 28th of June!

Scattered across Germany, this was a rare opportunity to come together and connect in person - combining plenary sessions, interactive workshops and informal discussions while hiking or playing dino memory. 

Concentrating on the alignment and connection between the GHGA Data Hubs and the development of the GHGA infrastructure on day one, an early highlight was a first demonstration of the data upload and download to the - coming soon - GHGA Archive. 

On day two and three, each GHGA workstream presented their work and challenges were discussed, with perspectives from other workstreams offering an outside look from within. 

Thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of our team, the retreat was an unforgettable event. We return home to our respective roles with renewed vigour and long to-do lists, which will continue to push GHGA forward and make it a success!