CoGDat Development reaches Milestone

The CoGDat is an initiative launched by researchers across Germany. GHGA contributes to the CoGDat effort both on a conceptual level in the data privacy domain as well as through the development of the data portal software DataMeta.

GHGA at the Lifetime Conference 2.0

GHGA celebrated a First in June: The outreach team manned GHGA's first - virtual - booth at a conference. Following a promotional shout-out during Oliver Stegle’s talk, the breakout room at the LifeTime 2.0 conference saw quite a few visitors on the second day.

GHGA held a metadata workshop

Hosted by Susanne Motameny and Koray Kirli, invited external guest speakers and specialists from within GHGA presented different aspects around the usage of metadata and ontologies.

NFDI: New Activities Kicking off within the Newly Established NFDI e.V.

GHGA is funded by the DFG via the German national program for research data infrastructures, the NFDI. Recently, the NFDI office in Karlsruhe has been turned into a registered association - a “eingetragener Verein” or e.V. in German.

Forum Science & Health: Digital Medicine

The Corona pandemic has shown us just how important sharing access to research as well as clinical data is. Fittingly, the second FORUM Science & Health of BioM discussed digital medicine and whether Germany is a “data treasure” or “data desert”.

Data Use Ontology - DUO Workshop

GHGA members interested in metadata and ontologies attended the DUO workshop held by The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH).