Bridging the European Data Sharing Divide in Genomic Science

Sharing genomic data with third countries is not an easy task but very necessary for effectively advancing genomic research. Molnár-Gábor et al. explain, which supplementary measures could raise the data protection standard for international data transfers.

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Decision-making regarding data processing and data protection in the medical context

The Marsilius Kolleg Seminar provided an interdisciplinary perspective on how legal and technical-biological aspects interact when deciding on data processing and data protection in the health context.

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GHGA Legacy Consent Toolkit now available

With a new App, GHGA aims to guide researchers when assessing original, pre-GDPR consent to see if it is sufficient to permit new data processing.

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Publication on harmonization after the GDPR

Comparative law publication clarifies questions around harmonization under the GDPR concerning health data and genetic data.

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