New GHGA podcast episode about RNA

Many people have heard of RNA, but what is it exactly? What is the difference to DNA, what are the different types of RNA and what functions do they have?

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Building Community Ties: GHGA at the Functional Epigenomics Conference

Participating actively in the Functional Epigenomics Conference in Saarbrücken, GHGA engaged closely with the epigenomics community for the first time.

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Genomhäppchen: new mini-podcast

"Genomhäppchen" (snackable genome) is a science podcast by GHGA containing fun facts about genome research. The podcast is only available in German.

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GHGA event at Single Cell Omics Germany conference

GHGA participated at the SCOG conference ‘Single Cell Omics in Clinical Applications’ with a GHGA satellite event, engaging with the single cell community for the first time.

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Science Year 2022 - Participate!

As part of the IdeenLauf all citizens are invited to put their questions to science forward. As a consortium of the NFDI e.V., GHGA is particularly involved in the area of research data management.

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GHGA in the City

As part of the DKFZ “Science in the City” GHGA held an interactive exhibition around FAIR data sharing in genomics in a store front in Heidelberg.

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GHGA Advent Calendar

In the run up to Christmas, GHGA introduced members of its team, GHGA participants and co-spokespersons as well as the GHGA Board of Directors in a twitter campaign.

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GHGA takes part in NFDI Science Slam

Under the umbrella of the Berlin Science Week, the FOKUS and NFDI e.V. organized a virtual science slam for NFDI consortia to introduce themselves and their work around research data infrastructure to the general public.

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Forum Science & Health: Digital Medicine

The Corona pandemic has shown us just how important sharing access to research as well as clinical data is. Fittingly, the second FORUM Science & Health of BioM discussed digital medicine and whether Germany is a “data treasure” or “data desert”.

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