New Draft Policy for Genomics: WHO Invites Comments

GHGA welcomes the new WHO policy for Genome Data Access, Use and Sharing and follows the call for comments in this community effort.

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Statement on the BMG's draft bill for an ordinance on the MVGenomV

GHGA, TMF e. V. and other institutions have submitted a joint statement on the Federal Ministry of Health's draft bill for an ordinance on the Genome Sequencing Model Project in accordance with Section 64e(12) of the SGB V.

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Bridging the European Data Sharing Divide in Genomic Science

Sharing genomic data with third countries is not an easy task but very necessary for effectively advancing genomic research. Molnár-Gábor et al. explain, which supplementary measures could raise the data protection standard for international data transfers.

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Recurrent inversion polymorphisms in humans

Inversions in the human genome form more commonly than previously thought, impacting our understanding of genetic stability and diseases.

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Clinical implementation of RNA sequencing in rare genetic disorders

A new study introduces a workflow with the clinical implementation of RNA sequencing in conjunction with DNA sequencing to diagnose patients with rare genetic disorders.

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Publication on harmonization after the GDPR

Comparative law publication clarifies questions around harmonization under the GDPR concerning health data and genetic data.

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International standards for data sharing

The second issue of Cell Genomics focused on GA4GH and a landmark paper on secure, interoperable technical standards and policy frameworks, highlighting their relevance to key domains of research and clinical care.

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Publication on GHGA in Bunsen-Magazin (in German)

In the publication, Fruzsina Molnár-Gábor and Jan Korbel describe the work of GHGA and the legal aspects when working with human genome data.

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Interview with Oliver Kohlbacher and Oliver Stegle on the Aims of GHGA

Oliver Stegle and Oliver Kohlbacher have talked to the German Biobank Node (GBN) on the aims of GHGA (in German only).

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